Receptura -The Andropause



Midlife Crisis

Men are often at the peak of their creativity when confused physical and psychological complaints creep in. Many men experience great mental trauma, while their professional activities diminish. In the partnership, too, sexual frustrations and unexpected mood swings can lead to new stresses. The cause of this is often a lack of hormones such as, for example, testosterone and DHEA. This is when hormone replacement therapy can bring back vitality and the joy of living.


Testosterone, the maleness hormone

Testosterone, as the most important male sex hormone, not only controls libido, potency and fertility. It keeps the male organism healthy and able to perform and has a positive influence on mood and wellbeing. From about the age of 40, the blood’s testosterone level falls by about one percent per year – often without consequences. For some men, however, the hormone deficiency has an impact: they feel run-down and listless, perform less highly and are depressed more often. Further potential consequences are muscle and bone disintegration, right through to osteoporosis.


Have hormone values determined

Since there are no visible external signs of drastic hormonal changes in men, having a laboratory determine hormone values with precision is important. Consultation, for example with a consultant doctor, is a good way to improve quality of life. A good doctor will take time for your questions and discuss an individual form of treatment with you, which may also include therapy with natural hormones.